Sports Betting

Sports betting introduction, sportsbook information for beginners

Sports Betting Primer

Every year billions of dollars are wagered on sporting events. For millions of people, there's nothing better than making a game a little more interesting by placing a wager on it. Betting on sports is not simply about picking a team. One must also understand the line and how to bet as well. Let's look at three fundamentals of sports betting before you visit the online bookies.

The Line

Every sports bettor places bets according to the data contained in the line. The line lets sports bettors know what teams are involved in the match up, the spread and other relevant data. Lines makers create the line that sports bettors wager by.

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The Spread

The spread is basically the condition for selecting the side you want. For example, let's look at a match up between the N.Y. Giants and the Washington Redskins, where the Giants are favored and the spread is 13. If you want to take the N.Y. Giants, you have to lay 13 points. In other words, the Giants must win by 13 to push and 14 to win - so the game starts with the Redskins ahead by 13 in theory. Should you want to take the underdog Redskins, you get 13 points, so if the Redskins don't lose by more than 12 you win your bet and if they lose by 13, you push. A push is like a tie. No one wins or loses.


Another possible bet on sports games is the total. If the game has a total bet option, it will be displayed on the line. You can bet either under or over that total number. This bet also has a dollar figure attached to it. For example, if the Giants vs. Redskins game has a total of 44 and the over is listed at -110, then you must wager $11 for every $10 you want to win - should you take the over. Traditionally, Americans would go to a casino with a sportsbook in person to place their bets, and as you've seen on TV, mobsters like to run sportsbooks as well. These days people might avoid the hassle by heading to a foreign website: online casino Deutschland for example.

Now that you know some of the fundamentals of sports betting, it's time to go deeper into the sports area you are interested in.