Sports Betting

Sports betting introduction, sportsbook information for beginners

Football Sports Betting

Football, pro and college, brings in the most wagers to the sports books. Enthusiastic sports bettors wager on everything from the coin flip to who will score first. To be a winner in football betting, one must steer clear of poor bets and understand the game.

Straight Bets

A straight bet is simply a bet on one team. This is the best way to bet on sports because you, in theory, have a 50% probability of selecting the winning side. Normally, in football, you have to pay a 10% vig to play. If you want to win $10 on a team, you will need to bet $11. However, sometimes a play might have more or less vig associated with it.

Don't like playing with points? You can also bet on the money line. When you bet on the money line, you simply pick the winner - straight up. If a team is a 7-point favorite, you might see them being something like -$3.00 on the money line. You will need to bet $3.00 for every $1.00 that you would like to win. Conversely, if the underdog is +$3.00, then you will win $3.00 for every $1.00 you bet.

Parlay Bets

Think you can pick more than one winner? If so, the parlay bet might be your calling. The parlay bet consists of two or more teams and is an all or nothing proposition. Following are some common payouts.

Three-Team Parlay: 6-1

Four-Team Parlay: 11-1

Five-Team Parlay: 20-1

Six-Team Parlay: 40-1

The probability of winning a three-team parlay is 12.5%, but your ability to pick winners, or lack thereof, will alter this statistic. Parlay bets are like the lotto - small entry fee and larger payoff.

Football's conlcusion

When betting on sports, it's important to pay attention to the line. You should watch the line from the time it gets created, because it can fluctuate with public action. Betting on a sports team is like buying a car; you want to hunt for a deal. Sometimes, by waiting to bet, you can get a more favorable line for your sports play(s).