Sports Betting

Sports betting introduction, sportsbook information for beginners

Boxing Betting

It's fight night and the energy is intense. Why not place a wager on the action to step it up a bit? Many fight fans rush to the sports books before a fight to make things more interesting. Understand the boxing betting line is pretty straightforward. Let's take a look at an example line.

Vargas: +280

De La Hoya: -375

The above is a monetary line, which is the type of line used in boxing. It represents how much money is needed to win one hundred dollars for the favorite and how much money will be won with a bet of one hundred dollars on the underdog. The underdog, Vargas, is represented by a plus sign and the favorite, De La Hoya, is represented by a minus sign.

Where to get information

If you are not a hardcore boxing enthusiast, you might not be totally up on the fighters of the night. Unless the fighters are the main event, it's likely that you won't get much information on TV. In the old days, you would just have to guess based on what you learned on TV, the paper or word of mouth - not much info. However, thanks to the Internet, you can learn quite a bit about any boxer fighting, which helps you make better betting decisions.

Some recommended websites to check out for boxing news and in-depth fighter data are:,, and (they have a boxing section that's good).

Making Money

Many people are familiar with just the heavyweight title fights and probably think there's only a couple of fights per year. However, there are fights all the time in many different weight classes. The best way to find out is to visit different sports books and see if there's any boxing action available. Once you see some action available, head off to the websites mentioned to learn more. It's good to check multiple sports books because each sports book is different and may not focus on boxing much - aside from the big fights.