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Basketball Betting

College and pro basketball bring in a large amount of wagers each year - second only to football. The college basketball season provides a flurry of activity and many betting opportunities. Unlike pro basketball, to win in college basketball, you need to be connected - to the Internet. There are so many colleges out there and it's impossible to be an expert on all of them.

Betting on basketball is the same as football. You have a spread and a total's line. Here's an example:

L.A. Lakers

Seattle Sonics -4

In the above line, the Sonics are a four point favorite so if you bet them, you need the Sonics to win by four (to push) or more (to win). Since the games have a point spread, money can be made betting on losing teams. A team that "covers" is one that wins, not necessarily in real life, but according to the spread. Going back to our example, if the Sonic win by three, the won in real life, but they did not cover, whereas, the Lakers covered.

Before placing your bet(s), take a visit to your favorite sports websites, such as ESPN and Fox Sports, to get the latest news and match up previews on the game(s). Thanks to the Internet, a wide amount of information is out there and sports bettors no longer to bet in the dark. It's especially important to research before betting when betting on college ball. Even the most known college will play colleges that are off the radar - unless it's in your geographical area.

One good piece of advice would be to ignore streaks. In sports, especially basketball, any one team can go on a long winning or losing streak. Just because a team has not won or lost in a bit, does not mean the opposite will happen soon. Don't chase bets. Because of the lack of familiarity of colleges, it's possible to find really good line on days with a large number of games.