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Baseball Sports Betting

Betting on baseball can be much easier on bettors than other sports, because bettors simply need to pick the winner outright. Unlike football, there's no point spread. There are three major bet types in baseball betting.

Money Line

This is the bread and butter of baseball betting. It's simple, one team is favored to win and one is expected to lose. The money line, as would be expected, uses money to make the line (aka spread) between favorites and underdogs. Below is an example.

Atlanta Braves -2.10

L.A. Dodgers +1.75

In the above example, you will need to bet $2.10 for every $1 you want to win on the Braves or you will receive $1.75 for every $1.00 you bet on the Dodgers. The better one team is over another, the higher the monetary amount will go.

Run Total

The run total is the amount of runs expected to be scored in the game. You can place a bet for the over or under this total. So, for example, if the run total is seven, and you take the over, you need eight runs to be scored to win - seven runs is a push.

Run Line

If you have a big favorite that you want to bet, but don't like the line, consider betting them on the run line. When you do this, you will be giving up 1.5 runs - so your team must win by 2. Why would you do this? Well, by doing so, the monetary amount will come down - increasing your value.

A heavy favorite could come down to being a slight favorite, money-wise, by taking them on the run line.

Baseball's Conclusion

Betting on baseball is extremely fun and the long season generates thousands of possible wagering opportunities. Betting strong favorites consistently almost never makes the real money. Sports bettors need to mix it up between slight underdogs and slight favorites.